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Hey all hope someone can help me? I own a 1995 SS11 Celica only done one basic mod and thats a air filter. was wondering if the ECU can be tuned any info would be very helpfull.also does anyone know wot h/p nos jets would be safe to use most people say a 50 shot would be safe as but i want more. I used to own a 1994 Supra running 175 shot of nos and the only thing that didnt do well with that was the clutch (went through 5 :( ouch )

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ecu could be chiped or reset.

chiping will change the cars performance,i.e bit more horse power,tourqe, e.t.c......

reseting (which is free) just resets the e.c.u. to incorprate any mods you might have.

quick leason in reseting,disconnect the Battery or pull the e.c.u. fuse leave it for 10/15 min's.plug it back in/reconnect the Battery,start your car and this is the important bit,dont touch anything for another 5/10 minuates,just let it tick over.thats it...........

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