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Anyone Want To See Jimlad When He Was Just 17?


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Did your sister ever recover :)? Only joking. In that case, Andy you can answer the question we all want to know... Where does he get his cash from? Or does he not own a house, lives with parents and does not have a partner and therefore spends the whole lot on cars?

Just intreigued, since money never seems to be an object to him, but perhaps I'm just overly careful with money!

BTW, I once had hair like that, and quite a lot longer for a while. I think it's a phase we all go through!

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Andy you muppet !!!

that's it mate... I'm gonna have to find an old pic of you somewhere. My mum's bound to have one kicking about.

Yes... we've known each other for years and years... used to have many a p*ssed nights out when we were both in Derby as well... good fun.

Sister = Sorry :unsure:

Dude... lol.

I wish I had a pic of you here now... grrr !

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hahaha fair play to you jappy mate... i could not post a pic of me pretending i am in the FBI

in my day we used to shave our hair off and pretend we are Kojak!!! :lol::lol: I have no teeth left from sucking lollipops all the time.

But heck... thats like pretending your Mr T.. when really you look bugger all like the bloke :lol::lol:

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