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Toyota Parado 3.0td Import 1996


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hi guys... need some advice about a 1996 toyota landcruiser parado 3.0 turbo diesel automatic import.

im in need of a new engine, the head gasket has gone and since inspecting it the block is possibly cracked.

any ideas on what engine is fitted to it? and where i can get a replacement and how much would i be looking at for a reasonably low mileage motor?

on the other hand, im considering selling it as it is and getting a cheap runaround for the meanwhile.

so any ideas on how much it would go for in its current state? it has all the trimmings, bull bars, electric folding mirrors, alloys, chrome trim, a/c, fold out extra rear seats etc... done approx 100k.

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Why don't you get the engine block welded up, thats if it is cracked :unsure:

Have the rest machined up and then rebuild it all.... at least that way you will know the job has been done properly and you will have a nice engine again :yes:

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Look at item 330300911882 on eBay, I don't know these people so if it turns out to be a pig don't blame me, other altenative is to look for the Engine Company in Stockport, Stevo the owner is an expert on these engines, ane he does a lot for the guys on the Hiluxsurf forum.

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