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Once you get powdercoated to re-do them you'll need to re powdercoat which weakens the alloy and could just brake or split on you!!

People think it's the best method but it's not. Painting them is. Try and find a dedicated wheel refurb company that wet paint aswell as powfercoat be cheaper too :D

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thanks mate!!

you have helped me so much with my car and I really appreciate it.

One more question though, with the amount of damage on the wheel will they be able to fix it without powdercoating?

here's the damage:

why not do it yourself mate? they dont look too bad, get some alloy wheel filler, take the tyres off, key the whole wheel, add the filler, build it up nice and thick, then going through different grades to get it nice and smooth sand it down, get a good base primer and the color of your choice and spray away. cheap as chips and the satisfaction that you've done it your self

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This is the guy I was going to take mine too. He's a legend in and around the s.Wales area. I'm devasted he can't do mine abd the only reason being is purely because thir powder coated and have blistered which all powder coated wheels wilm get.

Check out his gallery and look at the damage to the top picture. I think any dedicated wheel refurb company who do spraying will fix yours up :thumbsup:


And thanks :) I'm here to help I like it :D

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As you're running on coils, u can drop it alooooooot lower ;)

Got at least 3-4cm left to lower at the front when i see your wheel - arch gap :lol:

(I'm on 3.5cm from the ground on 17inch)

Nice exhaust there!


edit: piccie of winter setup.

U should also go that low dude, nasty to drive :D


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  • 2 weeks later...

love ur car as much as my one :thumbsup: hahahahah

as it look literally identifical, except from rear bumper and ur one is even lower. LOL :toast:

we should have a photo shoot sometime in Swansea or Bristol. :yahoo:

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Hmmmm unsure why some have been removed?!?! I'll check that.

Yeah Farhan and Tsport786 great guys, great help and hell of a weekend :D

Kintung those warehouse pics were taken in Bristol in the Aztec West ind estate I think :)

Thanks for the comments :thumbsup:

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Blimey that car is dirty.........

Sorry I was looking at the tyres. :thumbsup:

I know shame on me Sanj but i was travelling back from Bristol to Swansea and taking pics on the way so credit there :)

Any who another little update on the 18"



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