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2000 Solara V6 Oil Issues


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After reading through the discussions, I've noticed a trend that my car is following.

I have the V6-SE with a 5speed trans behind it.

Up until the last month or two, I hadn't really had any trouble with it. Change the oil and give it gas. It was a happy camper.

Well, now it is going through oil rather quickly. The check engine light is on again.

Two weeks ago, I had it to the dealer for the check engine light and the oil problem. Found out a oil-gelling situation that Toyota supposedly notified people about. My car had the oil gelling. They fixed that and replaced some canister that handles the gas fumes. $325 later I was on the road.

Well, the check engine light is on again and it's going through oil. Not burning and not leaving puddles under the car.

I was going to take the car to my original dealer, but they "don't have record" of the car. Morons.

So, tomorrow it goes to the dealer close to where I work. They saw it two weeks ago.

If my guess is correct, I need to get rid of this lemon before it kills me...

82K miles... unreal.


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