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Ae92 Cone Filter


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Right then...I got a 'Blitz' type cone filter as a freebie from a company that advertises with me and was wondering if I could put it on my GT-i?

Heres a link to the filter --> CLICKY

My current air box has some kind of air flow probe in it and a vacuum pipe and also a connector lead to another kind of air flow gizmo :wacko:

Will it work or shall I just sell the filter?

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if u care for ur car u shouldnt put that on. if thats a metal mesh filter(which it looks like but i could be wrong) it will not filter anything and it goes against the purpose of a air filter.

unless u plan on getting rid of it soon.

but its ur car. do wot u want ;)

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Nah the metal wont make a difference i think you'll find its only cosmetic and the filter is actually cotton/gauze/foam under the metal :fishyface:

You do need to accomodate the Two VSV sensors, the Blue one can be tied up out of the inlet as it only measures Vacuum, Its originally put inside the airbox to help reduce its noises, it sounds like a little steam train puffing along. mines cable tied to an alloy intake pipe i fitted.

The Other VSV (grey ? or Black ? i cant remember) that needs to be put into the back face of the airfilter as it measures the temperature of the intake air and adjusts fuelling to maximise combustion in the chambers. It can be fitted by drilling a hole and pressing the plastic surround into the hole to hold the VSV.

The car will run wihtout both of these but it will be ******* as the ECU only recieves 7 inputs as it is, if you remove 2 of them it has to try and 'best guess' and its crap at that.

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