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Lowering Springs


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Does anyone know how long it take lowering springs to settle after installation???

My springs were -40mm but it only dropped the car by about 35mm but I was told they would settle after a week or so and drop the other 5mm....is this true?? :ph34r:

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I've been around a few garages today National Tyres, Kwik fit, Tyrespot etc but none of them seem to be able to check my tracking and wheel alignment as they say there equipment does not fit in between the arches and the tyres to give a proper reading.

Does anyone know which nationwide garages do Laser wheel Alignment?? I'm desperate to get this done as I dont want to go through more tyres than Michael Schumacher :!Removed!:

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I got the springs fitted at Evo Performance & Styling in Peterlee, they dont do it themselves they just said take it to a garage with the equipment...

I might call into my local toyota dealer tomorrow, :thumbsup:

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ya should be ok

if ya have 40 series tyres on the 17's and the original 55's on the OE wheels then the rolling radius is almost bank on the same (out by 0.05% or somat like that)

funny cos the place i went to could do it with the 17's on???


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