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4agze Torque Settings

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hi all.

i not sure if this should come under corolla or mr2 but i own a 1988 levin with a 4agze motor in it. someone has swapped the supper chrager for a turbo charger. as they have not used a engine mangement system they have melted number 4 piston. this has caused me to rebuild this engine. i am just at the stage of putting everything back together.... how ever i do not have any torque settings.

i am just after as meny torque settings as possible as there are no books in new zealand to find this information from.

here are some examples as to what i am after.

head bolts,

crank bolts,

camshaft bolts,

big ends,

inlet bolts,

any other information would be so much help.

thanks Jono.

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4AGE Engine torque settings

Cylinder head bolts-

Stage 1 = 29Nm in sequence

Stage 2 = Then tighten 90 degrees in sequence

Stage 3 = Then tighten a further 90 degrees in sequence

Conecting rod 'Big end' nuts

Hexagon Nuts = 49Nm

Twelve sided nuts (you'll see what I mean :D ) = 39Nm

Camshaft bearing cap bolts = 13Nm

Main Bearings = 60Nm

Inlet Manifold to Cylinder head = 27Nm


Nm - Newton Metres

Also when reasembling a 4AGE engine you will sometimes come across other '12 sided/double hex' bolts nuts (I seem to remember sometimes the water pump area used one).

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