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Enabling The 4runner Factory Alarm


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I just purchased an '04 4Runner SR5 without the anti-theft alarm system option (VIP RS3200 Plus). I decided to forgo the $400 factory alarm system to save money, figuring that I would purchase an after-market alarm for about $200. However, the research that I've done suggests that everything except the glass break sensor is already installed from the factory if you've got keyless entry (which I do - it even has a panic button).

I found an article that described the process for enabling the alarm on an '03 Tacoma with keyless entry (http://www.customtacos.com/tech/ind...ex_v2&id=12&c=6). I'm looking for similar information on the '04 4Runner.

Any ideas?


Darryl R.

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I checked out the forums at http://www.tundrasolutions.com, and it appears they have instructions for both the RS3000 and the RS3200. However, they've apparently moved the instructions to a section called "the Garage" that you have to join (for an annual or lifetime membership fee) to access. I've sent the moderator a message to make sure that the instructions that I need are indeed there before I even consider shelling out any $ for membership.

Some of the postings surrounding the topic suggest that the wire in question (the one that you disconnect to enable it for free) is actually an 8 pin connector in the VIP RS3200 Plus. I downloaded the instruction manual for the RS3200 Plus and looked through it for a suitable connector to disconnect. However, the 8 pin connectors that are mentioned in the instructions are actually reconnected to the RS3200 unit during the install.

I'll keep you posted.

Darryl R.

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