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Rear Pads Sticking


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I've noticed when slowing down to a stop, the car has a slight judder to it sometimes.

I thought it could be the brakes as i've been told by a few toyota mechanics that the rear calipers are prone, on mr2's, to this problem.

I noticed yesterday that there are the outlines (in brake dust) of the shape of a pad on the rear discs - this says to me that the pads are sticking - letting go - and then sticking again etc...

Would it be worth me asking the blokes at toyota to give the old calipers a good seeing to?! Obviously i'll have to buy new seal kits etc but that dont bother me....




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Yea they check em for free and tell you half your car needs replacing hehe. The whole point of free inspection is reel people in and scare the sh*t outta em.I bet you could roll a perfectly maintained car into a Budge/Kwik-Fit outfit and they will tell ye that you got problems and your car will fall apart and cause 2grand worth of damage if you dont do it now! NOW! NOW! NOWgimmethemoney.

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An easy way to tell if they are sticking is to touch each alloy after a 5mile run if one or two feel a LOT warmer than (sometime even very hot) the others then you have a binding caliper. The front's are more prone than the rears.

I took mine to Mr Clutch and £80 later I had a new (recon) caliper fitted. Also Fensport can supply genuine calipers and then you can do the job yourself. It's quite easy.

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