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*fixed* Transmission Issue On 95 Camry Wagon *fixe


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this may be helpful to others here.

the problem with our camry transmission was the speedometer sensor. it seems that if this sensor is not reading corretly, the trans will disengage (or the lockup wont lock). our trans would only actup when the speedometer was reading zero. one tranny place said the trans was bad and it would cost 1200.00 to replace (im sorry sir, but your 2nd and 3rd gear is going bad) :wacko:

the part that fixed it cost just under 250.00 (from the dealer of course) and took about 15 minutes to install (one bolt and one harness). our family mechanic did the install for 20.00 (but i did not pay him ... he said not to worry about it :D ) it took about 3 days of troubleshooting off and on before our machanic said to go buy this part (family mechanics are as important as family doctors .. find you a good one and keep him .. sweet things help as well - Xmas card, valentines gift.. :D ).

pics of part and part number (scanned) -



i hope this helps others ... do not fall for the 'trans is bad' scam.

the orginbal thread of the problem -


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