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Interior Door Panels....grrrr!


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that video illustrates the problem with scratches perfectly.

Look how easily he marks the door panels with light rubs from a finger nail.

and those marks are permanent.

that makes me shudder to watch!

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I don't seem to have any of these issues, collected my car mid-march so not one of the first ?

I had my car supagard treated by Toyota before collecting ( I like cars but HATE cleaning them).

I get marks on my door and especially the rear panel as I am very careless with the seatbeat and it marks when it retracts, but when I do occasionally was down the car I wipe them with a damp cloth and they disappear, so I don't know if this is a result of the treatment or just that the panels are not too bad.

Having said that I don't go out of my way to test by scratching but I am pretty careless ( drives my husband mad - he is always very careful with the passenger seat belt when we go out in the car).

when I first saw this video a few weeks ago I tried everything in my car to see if anywhere near the same effect as in the video. Everything seems secure, safe and I haven't noticed any rattles although I do always drive with the radion on ( not too loud).

Am I just lucky I wonder??

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Nope the video is believed (definitely is) to be a fake.

And I scratched some cars in the showroom and no problem whatsoever.

(hope mine will be ok also)

Maybe the "older" ones are worse then the "new" one's?

Hope you're right...

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I believe the rest of the video to be faked (he's loosened everything in that IQ!) but the scratching is very true.

you only need to look at some of the photos on this forum to see proof.

My driver side door is very tatty already due to scratches from what I don't consider to be scratch inducing knocks.

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People who post videos like that do not help the cause as when we have a serious issue Toyota will know all about that video! :angry2: Up to the interior of a Smart with those Easyjet trays as sunvisors I think my iQ is damn good quality but like Top Gear said & I quote:

The one thing where the iQ isn't totally on the pace. The early cars have shoddy, cheap plastics on the interiors that really jar with the premium feel of the rest of the car. There is no doubt at all over the quality of the grubby bits, but why, oh why couldn't they spend more than 7p on the door cards?
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Just been and got some T-cut and it my door looks a lot better now

Before img0044yom.jpg After002hrv.jpg

Just the silver part which still remains but I cant see it when im driving now so I dont care =]

This does look better, what kind of t-cut did you buy?

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BTW - your girlfriend did a real number on your door handle! that's a massive gouge she's ripped out (just above the silver speak mount)

shows how !Removed! easy it is to shred the panels.

can anyone confirm - do the newer models have plastics that are as easily marked? (though looking at your IQ I assume it's a new model)

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