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At Last!


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Well couldn't wait! Wheels arrived last Friday. Got it lowered on Tuesday. Put the wheels on in the dark tonight! Still awaiting the rear spoiler but here's a sneak peek ;)

Sorry it's a crap picture but it was dark and night shot needs a steady hand (which I obviously don't have)



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looks really good. thats exactly what i'm looking to do aswell.

how much is it lowered by and what size are the wheels?

and ialso, if you don't mind me asking, how much?


The springs are the ones from Fensport. It's a 35mm drop I think, and that's really low. 40mm would be slammed! Been trying to find where I can get the tracking done today but everyone says it's too low to fit the instruments on the rear wheels! :(

The wheels are 17's with a 42mm offset. No scrubbing on the arches (yet) but it's flippin close! Might take a couple of mm off just for peace of mind.

Think the springs were just over the £100 mark. Fitting (at Toyota) £120. alloys with tyres/balanced/delivered just under the grand mark! My credit card is knackered! :unsure:


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