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Mate Buying A Supra Tt

pizza boy

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I posted up on the General Discussions board about this but it was more to decide if my m8 should go for a GT4 or Supra. Anyway hes decided he deffo wants a SupraTT. Hes 31, petrol is nowt to him and insurance is also cheap. But hes not too savvy on cars full stop.

The thing is im not too clued up on the facelift year revisions etc. All I know is the was a front light unit redesign(which looks much better imo), a VVTi version at some point and I think a speed sensitive rear spoiler or something duh!.

Anyway just wanted to know what is prone to wear and tear abnormally fast on this car, when do typical problems crop up? Is it 40k? 50k? What should be done to the car when he buys it (like is there any factory faults that shouldve been fixed) Basically info on the negative characteristics mechanically+electrically.

And also what kinda supra can he go for on this budget? (milage+ year wise)

Tar for any help

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Engine wise there is very very little to worry about on the cars.. nothing major to rebuild at specified intervals. there are no typical problems and the car should last without any major headaches most of its life if its looked after.

The engines are very strong and extremely reliable.

Occasional problems with drivetrain on the manuals and tiptronic i think.. someone else will tell you more.

The speed sensitive spoiler is on the front, not the rear.

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Anyway just wanted to know what is prone to wear and tear abnormally fast on this car,

Errr, the rear tyres are the only thing that wear out quickly :P

Everything else is supa good. The gear box can apparently sometimes sound a bit clunky, this is a know thing. The auto and triptronic boxes are the same, just slightly diffrent electronic control on them all in all a very good auto. with very few, if any unproveked failures.

Check out mkivsupra.net soom very good info, just do a search

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Aha thank you for the info guys. Its a shame my mate cant use computers cos he'll never be on this board ill probably end up asking all the questions for him when he buys it lol. Thx for the link I was having a lil bit o trouble finding buyers guide sites. Cheers :thumbsup:

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