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Side Plastic Bits


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How easy are they to remove?

Im going to get the body coloured ones and fit em....

Also, clear side indicators - can I use any from any vehicle or is that a problem cos its an import cos of wiring etc? I quite like the Astra clear side indicators and wouldnt mind fitting them.


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have you priced up body coloured ones mate ??

I did...

£200 per side. Then you need the very rear bit for each side. Along with the bit that replaces the indicators and the new indicators also.

So possibly about £500 in the end !

how would you wire the side indicators up if you replaced them also ?? I've always wondered. How would you fit them ? Just drill a ruddy hole ?

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It would be cheaper to mask the car up properly, primer the strips and then spray them body coloured - or you could be really cool and paint them with glow in the dark paint!!!!

glow in the dark paint ???? wicked !??!

I'm getting my black strips painted body colour when it goes into the bodyshop.

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wouldn't say a GOOD deal....

but it's about right mate...

why.. your bodyshops well cheap over there ?

I mean it's hard to say what a good deal is I guess as it's going to be different between countries and we all know how different companys workmanship can be. I got my MR2 from japan AFTER it had been in that massive hail storm a few years back....EVERY panel was covered in hundreds of small hail stone dents.....I got ALL of the taken out and the whole car FULLY re-painted for $1200 nzd's.....then my Tom's front repaired, fitted, and painted for $250 nzd's. I admit I have found a good painter but comparing the prices I think that's heaps. I suppose it's like insurance, I thought NZ was bad but seeing the prices you guys are paying for insurance on your 2's :eek:

Either way your gonna LOVE it once you get it fully re-sprayed.....Soooooo nice :)



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