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I Know What Alloys I Want To Buy Need Advice.


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IMO i think they will look silly if u don't get the car lowered at the same time cos the Yaris is already a high car and it will be riding like a monster truck!!!

Also, i've heard people have had problems wiht the width but not the diameter of the wheels! Ask Jaxx, think he's got 7x17's on his!

Cheers :thumbsup:

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Will these fit on my Yaris (not lowered) without rubbing, etc. (not TSport)?

7.0 x 16

215/40 Z16

Also will they look stupid if I don't have the car lowered.


Hi noob

You would be fine with the 16" But it's the tyres size?? You would have to have the rear arches rolled to get 215 under there my friend. Also i would get the car lowered. As the car would look like a beach buggy with those tyres on and riding so high :thumbsup:

I would recommend some adjustable shocks like koni's Or you could do it the cheaper way by getting lowering springs.


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205 or over seems to suffer with arch catching, but only if its lowered.

if you chose to leave the suspension std ya should get away with it but as sponn as ya do then ya gonna need work doing to the bodywork


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