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Electrical Problems

Tom Slattery

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I own a 1999 Toyota Landcruiser VX Amazon 4.2 Diesel. Its my third landcrusier and have always been happy with there reliability. However last year my lastest landcrusier began to suffer from electrical gremlins.

The remote central locking and alarm began to malfunction, sometimes unlocking the doors and then instantly relocking them, othertimes refusing to do anything , and when i turned the car engine off the doors would auto lock even with the keys still in the ignition.

My local dealeraship where unable to solve the problem and the car seemed to fix its self. Now the car seems to be back in the dealership on a weekly basis.

However more recently the locks began to play up once again, and then the mileage display went to 88888 and now the speedo has decided not to work.

With the car outside its 3 year warrenty the prospect of fitting an entire new CPU is not appealing especially if the problems is not solved!

Has anyone had similar problems with Toyotas??

i also own a Rav4, Lexus IS200 and Starlet and none have had any electrical problems!

any help or info. would be much appreciated!

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Sounds very much like an earthing problem to me!

Will be worth spending an hour or so locating all your earth points throughout the car & checking for fixing security.

You usually have earthing points in the engine bay, interior ( behind panels ) & in the boot area. Sounds as though yours will be interior, either behind kick panels or behind dash.


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