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Low Profiles Deflating


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I was chatting to a celica owner who has 18"s on his with 225/40 rubber. He said putting on 18"s was a bad move as a few times he had a flat tyre. The first he took to get repaired, he was told there was no puncture.

The repair guy told him having so low a profile this will happen when you hit a pothole or on very bumpy back roads, the tyre slips off its bead on the wheel resulting in deflated tyre.

Has this ever happened to anyone and how often?

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Dont know whether my story is similar, I have dropped to a lower profile tire (changed wheel size from 14's to 15's so fitted a tire that matched the rolling) and noticed they all seem to loose pressure quite often, one in particular but when tested, also I was told there was no puncture, but I do a hell of a lot of miles and drive onto a few building sites littered with potholes so this could be true!!

Sorry I'm no real help thoug!!

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my low profile tyres lose pressure more than my other car's. i put it down to the fact that there is less air in them so when you lose a bit (which occurs naturally) it has a greater effect.

all tyres loose air all the time as when they get hot the pressure increases and will escape through the wall.

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