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Engine Swap Or Not?


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Ello people...

Was just thinkin to myself about how easy or difficult it would be to swap a ST185 3S-GTE engine with my 3S-GE...

Questions i have..

- How much would an average engine cost?

- How much would it cost to put in?

- Do i need to uprate the suspension etc???

- Should i just save for a GT4? :ph34r:

My car as you all probably know is a 1992 Celica GT UK spec.. :thumbsup:

Cheers in advance..

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Do you really want the hassle, cost, insurance hike of doing a engine swap?? IMHO I'd just save up for the real thing, unless of course they're a rare car and way way out of your price range.

just wanted to know.. Someone mentioned something about my car looking like a good sleeper if i got more quiet alloys .. got rid of the stickers,... and did a 3S-GTE engine swap.. just wanted to know how much such an engine swap cost..

the GT4 ST185 is within my price range but very hard to come by with any decent history...

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I'm with you on having the sleeper look, got it myself.

The actual swap wont be a problem as you are already using a 3s engine just not the turbo version so you havent got the pain of different engine mounts e.t.c e.t.c, its just finding all the parts you want.

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I was concidering this too with my 98 st202.

End of the day the power would be great but the car isnt designed for it and that much power to the front wheels would be a nightmare :wacko:

I know its tough dude but it would be VERY MUCH MORE sensible to sell up and go GT4.


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lol - nice plug there leeky - wonder where someone would get a gt4 from???? :lol:  :lol:



My one is a bit out of his price range, i'm starting to get lots of phone calls for it now.

Lots of people have offered me p/x's for it but nothing any good, scooby's and 300zx's etc

Anyway tomorrow its bye bye gt4 and hello IS200 at this garage im going to.

Which brings me onto the new poll i've started :D

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I wouldnt consider it being uncontrollable. Just look at Dawesy and his at 310bhp rolla going up to 400+ and its his daily drive and thats FF. If your a good driver your not gonna get any problems. Bottom line is a car is only as uncontrollable as your right foot.

But I wouldnt really advise the engine swap on a st182 its not really worth it imo. Its way expensive at over £2k for the basic parts(engine,gearbox etc) and on top of that you have to make your own exhaust system, intercooler pipework, engine mountings and re work the wiring loom. And all this BEFORE labour costs. Really not worth it.

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