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:help: I just bought a 2000 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 xtra cab v6 and would like to determine if it has a remote keyless entry system.

The truck has power door locks, and the delarship had a keyless entry installed which they removed before I left the car lot. I watched them remove it and the guy removed a blue box about the size of a matchbox from under the driver side dash. I looked under the driver side dash and can see a blue box that looks like the one they removed.... I am wondering if they just removed the plug from the box in the truck and plugged their box in while on the lot and when they removed their box they plugged the box in the truck back in. If the box I see is indeed a keyless entry receiver can I buy a key fob transmitter and program it to work with the existing equipment?

If anyone can tell me if I am totally off base or what to look for it would be appreciated.



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