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Tbdev/missbanzai Southeast/essex Jap Meet

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Well guys and gals its that time again, from the absolute monumental success of the last two meets (400-600 cars) i think its time to bring you all together again.

As usual this is a jap only event so please keep the euro cars to a minimum so

Roll Up Roll Up come and see some of the very best jap machinery that south has to offer skylines evo's gt4's supras scoobys and many more

Starts at 21:00hrs on saturday the 28th march and is located at the thurrock services on the m25 and a13 junctions 30(southbound) and 31(northbound)

we will be parked in the main car park area and you should be able to see us from the moment you pull into the car park,

I will be convoying as always to the event from the BP on the a414 just outside of Harlow with a few of my mates, if you wish to join us you are more than welcome but please contact me before hand so i know you are coming and especially if your running late so we can wait for you, we will be meeting at the BP garage 20:00 for a 20:30 depart, the last convoy was absolutley mental we ended up having about 30-40 cars all whizzing down the m25.

As always i can be reached on 07897434353 to answer any questions or

I am going to be posting the info for this event on a vast number of jap forums so that the numbers will be good, but if you are on a forum and don't see this info please let us know and we can get it posted on there.

Pleas remember guys this is a public car park and !Removed! about such as donuts burn outs drifting etc will not be tollerated and you will be asked to leave so please keep it safe, as we dont want anybody injured and we do not wish to be kicked off.

so lets kick off with a names list

1) Essexgt4

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2 days guys hope to see some of you there

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