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Rear Speakers


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hi, am slowely 'doing up my rolla' and just fiited some 6 by 9's. A new stereo has been installed and i want to know weather the standard car wiring affects the sound attal?? because they just dont sound that loud and i know they are louder.

Do i need to run a thicker wire or better wire through the car?? thanks :huh:

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You need either a Head Unit with a higher output or as Bridges says, an amp.

Replacing Speakers will not make music louder, it will only improve the sound quality, depending on what Speakers you buy of course.

Either way, ensure the Speakers are man enough for the output of the HU/Amp or you will damage them.

Cable can be replaced but again will not make anything louder, thicker cable should give a better sound quality, again dependant on HU and Speakers etc.

Hope that helps. ;)

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