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Seo Speakers

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5 1/4" all round me thinks, although you can easily drop a set of 6.5" in the front....

you may be able to mount 689s on the back if you mount from underneath, but summin tells me that there is a metal bar running across to prevent this??

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i dont know on the size of my front Speakers but i have fitted 6x9s on my rear shelf, its a bit of a tight squeeze but it is possible. There is a bar in the boot thats near the Speakers but i think that you might be able to squeeze them underneath if you dont want to fit them on the shelf.

The link takes you to another thread that explains roughly how i fitted the 6x9s in my seo.

Fitting 6x9s in a gen 2 Paseo

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4" in front, 6 3/4" in rear. The Gen 1 and 2 are the same size unless the car didn't come with the Speakers, than it's a slightly different size. Oh, and 60% of the sources out there in mags and on the net are wrong on the sizes, so ask somebody like me who installs for a living. Ask Tristan, I'll never steer you wrong!

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