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I've Got Warning Code 54, Help!


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I've got an ST205 and the Engine warning light comes on. I've done the engine diagnostic check and it reveals the Code 54 (Turbo or intercooler).

I read somewhere on the forum that this is a commen fault and is usually solved by topping up the charge cooler. Haven't had a good look at it yet but can anyone let me know where to top it up, or how to check the charge cooler level. :help:

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The charge cooler is the large black box sitting ontop of the engine.

To fill the level up - wait till the car is completely cold - in the morning maybe.

Open up the radiator cap thing that is on the top right hand side of the box, and fill with coolant until its right at the brim.

I use the toyota 'for-life' coolant in mine.

Then turn the car on blip the throttle for a couple minutes to get the charge cooler pump working then have another look at the level - top up if neccesary.

Put the lid back on and reset the ECU.

That should sort it out. :)

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Cheers mate that sorted it right out, I took it to my local garage that Supposedly deal with performance cars and they didn't have a clue. Warning light flashes all the time when I tested it, think that means all is ok.

Thanks again

Your welcome :)

A regular flashing from the warning light means you have no error codes stored.

I find that most garages don't have a clue when it comes to the GT-Fours some have never even heard of them :eek:

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