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I Looked At Cynos B On Saturday......

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hi guys, well i went looking for a cynos on saturday i saw a cynos b for sale black k reg for £2000 from a dealer. i really really want a cynos b now but there are none for sale near me at all is a cynos b just an imported paseo? please let me know. if anybody can help me find one as i want it for my 18th in feb. please help me look.

i loved it im definately getting one.

please help me email me thankx


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the Cynos B is just a paseo with a higher compresion engine, and a nicer name ^_^.

the Paseo is the american / europe vers of the cynos, on the account that Toyota Is Japanese, and the Cynos was made for the jap market. I suppoze they thought the americans couldnt handle 10 more hp >D!

We have both cynos and paseo over here... 90% of them are automatics too... really scary

i saw a guy try to race a starlet once... in his black seo... yes seo not cynos... at the gearchange i just cracked up laughing... you didnt even hear the revs drop...

therefore crap-o-matic! AHHH X_X.

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