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Thinking Of Buying An Mr2


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I own a landcruiser Colorado 3.0 VX TD :thumbsup: and have for some time looking at buying an mr2 seen one woundering if it's a good buy

K reg

Aqua marine (Green)

UK Car


15" standard alloys

just over 100K but with service history

It is a T-bar including bags and grey t-bar covers

All standard except for stereo

leather in good nick not ripped in any way

Tax & Tested

it's up for £3400 what do you guys reckon is it ok

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go check it out.. take someone who knows about MR2's also.

I personally wouldn't touch a car with such high mileage, but that's just my preference. Toyota engines are built bullet proof and as long as it's been looked after and serviced etc, then it should be fine.

Don't buy the first MR2 you find... look about, you may find a better one.

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Sounds like a good car. Check when the cam belt was last changed as a garage will charge upwards of £600 on average.

100,000 miles really isn't a problem on these engines providing it's been serviced properly. On a 3S-GTE we're rebuilding at the moment, that has done nearly 100k and there is bearly a hint of wear on any of the bearings. Very well built and tough cars.

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