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Bubble Meet 12th April

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Maybe having the bubble meet on the same day as a car show at donnington was not such a good idea :unsure:

also being Easter i guess people were doing the family thing, both these things meant that Sundays bubble meet was

a little on the quite side, in fact it was very quite, around 20cars came along.

Saying that when its quite you do get more chance to chat to others and we had a good laugh,

esp at Andy's GT4 expense :lol:

here's a few pictures from the day, Big thanks to Steve red yaris who came up from Cambridge

was good to see you again Steve :thumbsup:

You can not keep our red yaris away from film cameras though :lol: , they were filming a promo video and Steve

took part with an interview B)

There's a picture of your yaris in Dave's link :yes:











Here's a few more on Dave's site DAVES PICTURES {click on the top one aprils bubble meet pics added }

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It was great to see you and Mark again Kim

A small but very friendly meet with a chance to chat to nearly everyone present.

Your modesty prevents you from saying that you were interviewed on video too Kim :D .................even inviting a threesome ;) :lol:

Nice pics on Daves site :thumbsup:

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