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My Heart Just Missed A Beat...


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I swear I've almost had a heart attack. There's been a powercut in my area over the past 20mins so I thought i'd take the car for a spin. So i've been out for a good 15mins and the engine all warmed up nicely when I come to a stop at a set of traffic lights.

Up rolls this modded accord, complete with really loud barry boy style exhaust - he starts revving engine. So I thouhgt i'd entertain him off the lights....

Red.... Orange - Go! Now I'm putting the power down but the clutch isnt gripping...... the £££ signs are flashing through my head as I realise my clutch has been burnt out or something

So I gradually apply the power and keep a steady pace- looking to get home safely. Then I realised the clutch isnt slipping at all! It must have been ice I was starting on -

Oooops (panic attack over)

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heh heh .. I did something similar before xmas ..

went to pull away sharpish from a round-about and just sat there spinning the wheels .. ho hum, clutch in, try again at the next gap ..

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its always best to stay on the left hand side where they put the bus lane that stuff is super grippy and you can really get a good launch but i wouldnt advise doing this all the time the clutch wont last long.

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Speaking about clutches (& flywheel) i thawt i'd stumbled on some good stuff over at SupraStore - Clutch & Flywheel

I compared prices to fenny's or equivalent and they looked good so i fired off an e-mail to 'em, this was the reply (trimmed to relevant bits):

"Here are the prices including shipping to you. We can claim a value under 100$ so that the taxes will be low.

RPS stage III - 399$

Fidanza Flywheel - 318$

Shipping - 176$

TOTAL - 893$


If i convert to £'s and comapre to fensport, using an equivalent(?) part where neccesary...

Part / SupraStore / Fensport (w. Gold Discount & VAT)

RPS stage III = £218.56 / 435.38 - (HELIX Stage 2 Uprated)

Fidanza Flywheel = £174.19 / 317.13

Shipping = £96.40 / 15(?) dunno

TOTAL = £489.15 / 767.51

I know i still havta add tax ontop of the /supraStore order but it wont add up 2 £278.36 odd will it? Normally i'd say a hundred, but the guy talked about claiming low tax's so thta gud rite?

Just thought i'd let u guys know in case anyone else here was thinking of upgrading. U can save urself a few bob.

Hell if u went for the HKS GD Clutch Pro Twin Disk Clutch - 1990 to 1995 MR2 for only $1,399.00 u'd be saving urself a LOT of money! :yes:

Note: the flywheel they have listed is only for the 3SGT-E & 5-SFE, however the guy that sent me the e-mail said they can get me it for 3S-GE, so no worries there :)

!Removed! nora, another long post by me... sigh...

I'll never learn will i ?


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when I ordered my Findanza FW .. the guy had to track down one in the US .. he had to phone about constantly and found one within 3 days ..

Even Findanza didn't have any in stock ..

And combined with a cluthmasters stage 3 .. I think the whole lot came to £600 + P&P ...

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and the £100 goes towards fitting .. and a warm glow that you've not been mugged by Mr T or Customs and Excise ..







I HATE labour!!!! :angry:

But ur rite it would cost around that much for the fitting of the clutch. Damn.

But i still save £100 importing it tho... that's all i havta think of...saving money... :o


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