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Hi everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself to all of you. Just like the topic says I'm the proud new owner of a Toyota Echo Hatchback 3 door, a.ka vitz/yaris. Actually, this is my first Toyota product. I'm glad that there is a forum for this car as I'm sure it will be very informative and helpful.

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:D Thank you everyone. Since the echo hatchback is only available in Canada in North America, there's not too much in the ways of "support". I'm glad I found this forum. Since I'm blabbing away, I was wondering, although I'm sure this topic has been addressed before, why Toyota didn't include a tachometer. I've seen that overseas there were Yaris' and Vitzs' that had them. What I really liked was the digital dash with the digital tach and speedo. Anybody know if it's interchangeable?

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Haven't had a chance to take pics of it yet, plus, it's cold, cold, cold and its all dirty from the slush, but I'll try and take some after I wash it. I have a black, 3dr hatch 5spd. Pretty basic with just factory MP3 player and A/C, splash guards and rear bumper protector. And no tach <_< . All echos come with the 1.5L engine. I would've liked to get the RS version but this is my 2nd car for general/winter use, I have my miata/MX-5 to play with.

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Posted by Pascal on Feb 4 2004, 05:05 PM  :  There's another enthusiast here in Montreal that I know of.

You will find many Canadian Echo enthusiasts here:


and here:

echofans.com (French site)

Explore and enjoy.... ;)

And i almost forgot.... Welcome to the Club!!!


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