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Camry V6 Overheating


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My 1994 Camry V6 estate (124K miles) sometimes overheats in traffic. However, it is not consistent - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I have tried to recreate the problem by letting it idle at home, but never does it. Seems to be using coolant, but no white smoke from exhaust or gunge in oil. Fan isn't dirven from belt or electrically and doesn't seem to be turning very fast.

Any help appreciated before I take it to garage and fork out for them to look at it.


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Even if the thermostat was bad it wouldn't use coolant.

I'd bet that it's your radiator cap. I had a similar problem on my Camry where it would overheat, but not to the point where I saw plumes of white smoke rising from the hood.

I'd also check to see if the radiator is cracked anywhere.

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