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AE92 GTi-16 Progress Thread

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Yeh sucks hardcore, but I'm still going to have her at Japfest, nowt will stop me from getting her there. The world may try but I have come way too far with her for it not to make it! :lol:

I have had to start filling and sanding my spare roof, I've kept it more up to date on the AE92OC, but here is what it looks like now - following the revelation that I have to fill both sides and the front rather than just the left side :censor:



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Aw man feel sorry for u, sunroof looks unreal mate, such a pity, Where abouts did you get it anyway?? Never saw one before, anyway Your Gti is looking great! Nice work mate

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I still haven't had the other bits delivered today which is total bollocks, but we did manage to fit the Indicators, Wipers and Sunroof. I have lost the wiper Nuts but we just nicked some from the garage door :lol::thumbsup: Not the best situation as the MOT is tomorrow at 3pm and at 12pm we have her booked to have the wheels balanced and the tracking aligned....

Everything works in the way of electrics, the only thing I am not sure of is the washer jet, I know the motor works but we have only ever done dry tests. Asides from that all the electrics have been tested and they all seem to work fine :D

Tomorrow morning I am hoping the Mount, Plates and Clips all come through so that I can quickly get on with fitting them up in time for the MOT. Priority are the Pedals and the rear bumper as that isn't held to the arch.

Other than that I think she is ready! :D









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Ok so mixed news, the good news is she got down to Bletchely nicely, had the wheels balanced and Tracking all sorted hassle free.

The issue is that we didn't even make the MOT, the engine decided that Oil wasn't necessary and the Cam Cover Gaskets catastrophically leaked all over the place. The Oil went into the wheel and sprayed it down the side of the car. :thumbsdown:

The Drivers Side Calliper Union-Bolt needs re-fitting but other than that I have to say that I am incredibly happy! :D

The drive was absolutely first class and amazing - the suspension was tight, the engine pulled amazingly hard and the sound made me bloody wet myself! The Gears changed beautifully and she was an utter dream to drive. :D I have never ever been so damn happy with anything. So it has paid off and today cannot be considered anything other than a total success! :thumbsup:

She is at the garage now, they will clean up the bay on Monday and stop the leaks, they are also redoing the Brakes and MOT on Tuesday so she will definitely make it to Japfest. ;)

Here are the snaps:

Plates fitted up - and obviously mine have been delivered this afternoon :lol: :




Bumper and Mud Flap Fitted:


At Kwik-Fit:





And when she arrived caked in oil:





But I am happy believe it or not, as my hard work has paid off and more. I love this, and I am totally in love with this car! :lol: :D


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she looks stunning mate a real credit to you.

glad your not too down about it, if you think about it the car has been rebuilt so it bound to have teething troubles.

heres waiting for news on tuesday ;)

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she looks stunning mate a real credit to you.

glad your not too down about it, if you think about it the car has been rebuilt so it bound to have teething troubles.

heres waiting for news on tuesday ;)

+1 Shame about the oil but at least it was a small blip in what has been a long road!

Btw everytime i see a gti part i think of you ha ha


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aha thank you everyone! Yeh I am very happy, I get a little peeved when I think about the oil issues but overall I am pleased that it is in the hands of experienced people who will make sure it gets to the show too! :D

:lol: Ish it seems I am one of so few GTi Owners here :lol: Mainly because I stole them.... :P

I will let you all know how it gets on!


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Just got a bit of poor news, but still good in a way - she went through the MOT today and failed on guess what?

*Parking Brake Efficiency

*N/S Rear Calliper Force

*Calliper Judder Front and Back

*Side Light Position

They are sending off the Rear Calliper tomorrow morning for a Recon and they will have it all sorted out tomorrow afternoon where she will have a retest where they hope to have her ready for Collection on Thursday.

This does unfortunately raise my price from anything between £200-£250 to £250-£300 not a massive hike but enough to get me a little concerned about my funds and how quickly they are depleting! :lol:

So all is still ok and I will have time on Friday to give her a wonderful 9 hour Valet. :D


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WE HAVE MOT!!! :thumbsup:

Picked her up at 4:30 this afternoon and she was all healed up, a brand new N/S Rear Calliper and all the other bits mentioned sorted. She drove like a bloody dream :D The only issue is an odd grinding from the O/S Front Wheel, we suspected a bearing but it plainly just isn't that - so now we suspect it is the lack of a front engine mount making the CV knock/grind a little.

But she is ready for a long journey, taking the ragging she received earlier in her stride! :lol:

As soon as I got her we went and I filled her up with some petrol, then we went to show me nan and then my mum, heading off to home to then give her a quick wash to get the cack off.

At Nan and Grandads:






And then when we got her home we went and took a picture that just had to be done!



Washing up:











I am so damn happy!!!! :D :D :D


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