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Sliding Seat Problem

Demonic Angel

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Hi all...

Ashamed to say I think I've broken my Yaris already! :crybaby:

I was sliding the front driver seat forward to find out how it worked as its a 3 door so incase I get passengers I can get them in and out!

I lifted the handle like the salesman told me to do and slid it forwards slightly, but then it jammed and its now stuck halfway, I cant seem to push it back.... :help:

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? The salesman slid the seat no problems, maybe its my weak feeble woman hands and arms failing me, but I need to know! :eek:

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I noticed on my Yaris that if you push the lever “forward” on the driver’s side, the back will spring forward but the base stays put, then if you push the back of the seat back it will return to its original position, (not touching the lever)

Moving the lever “backwards” alters the angle of the seat to your preference.

The lever “nearest” the handbrake on both seats I think alters the backrest as well.

Pushing the lever “forward” on the passenger side will slide the whole seat forward and spring the back forward as well.


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