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Hiace Heater Help!

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Hi, im new to this site but hoping you can help a newbie?

I have a L reg Toyota Hiace Super custom LTD, 3.0 EFI TD.

I have problems with my heater and cant change from hot to cold, i have tried a new heater control but still no good. The heater flap motor only seems to move about 1/4 of the possible movement causing the hot air to be always on and no cold possible. If i bridge the 2 wires feeding the resistor on the back of the control it moves to the cold position. Could this be a faulty position motor?

I have also started to retro fit a hot/cold box. I have fitted the box to the loom and all switches light up and i have the hot box function working. I understand that i will have to source and fit the aircon pipes for the ice and cool box function, my worry is that the kettle does not work? The Hot Pot light comes on green with the kettle cver lid closed but no function apparent? Could anyone please help me with any advice or wiring diagrams? I also would like to find out if its possible to fit retro fit the aircon pipes required to activate the cool box?

Please can anyone help?


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Hi Guys,


I know this thread is 10 years old and so are the vans by now but i just bought an L reg. 3ltr turbo diesel hi ace super custom too. Can anyone please advise where I can get a workshop manual please? because its an import it seems nigh on impossible to get it through the regular channels.

Also does anyone know where the inlet/outlet to the front and rear heater core's/matrixes are located?


Thank you



Any help would be so appreciated.



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