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Children In Mr2's


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I'm looking (a bit early) for my next car. It'll probably be after christmas, so I've got plenty of time to research!

One of my choices at the moment is the newest style of MR2 which I presume is the roadster?

I'd like one with a hardtop for winter, and will be looking at spending £3-£4k so it will be one of the earlier ones.

One of my concerns is that I will need to take my daughter 5 minutes up the road 3 times a week. She will be 2, how suitable are the MR2's for carrying little ones? Do car seats fit well? Can you disable the passenger airbag? Any other considerations? She is in a forward facing car seat.

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I've found a couple of non-conclusive posts on here - which do state the airbags cannot be turned off.

But I still can't find any info on whether you can actually put a forward facing seat in the passenger seat or not?

The only official statement I can find is:

Do not put a forward-facing child seat in the front, unless there is no other choice. In this case, make sure the car seat is as far back as possible, the child seat is securely fitted and the child is securely held by the seat belt or child seat harness, keeping the child as far as possible from the dashboard. Ask the vehicle manufacturer how far the airbag comes out as it deploys and whether it is safe to use a child seat.

So basically ask the manufacturer - anybody done this or does anyone actually use a child seat in their MR2?

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