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Corolla Window Tinting


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I am thinking about tinting my rolla's windows. :help::help::help:

do i need to remove the door panels to get the film to the end of the window, or is there any other method to get the film beneath the concealed seal?

any un/successful experiences ? :group-cuddles:



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Cheap way, have done this myself once, best is to take some dishwashing soap and mix in in a bottle with water.

Wash your windows clean and nice!!!!

Take paper and mark your windows size and stuff.

cut out film bigger than the cut out, but same shape.

Spray mixture on windows and apply film, the mixture helps you move it whilst you aim on the windows (believe me this works)

then cut of extra pieces, and use rubber squeege (or what ever the spelling might be) to clear water underneath.

This prevents bubbles from forming.

TAKE YOUR TIME!!!!! this takes about 6 hours for the entire car. DON'T wind down the windows for atleast 72hours.

If your in RSA, go to www.titaniumtint.co.za

They use titanium and break it down to molecules and bond it with your windows, looks SEXY!!! cost the same as maintanance on a s*x chick!!!


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If you really have the time and want to do it good, yes, I would advice it, other wise just remove the rubber and

cut the film as low as possible, when you put the rubber back you cant see the cut.

The thing with the rear windows and the heat wire, if you have real cheap thin tint, yes it will melt.

Pay the extra bucs per roll and get quality.

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I have done a few

on some mates cars works ok just dont buy the cheapest film

out there they tend to melt and scratch really easy

but simple to do, use a soft


or it will scratch, if you do get bubbles that wont come out best to

wait until get a bit dry,

only problem you might have is getting the film below the water

seal on the door its a bit tricky that is why you remove the panels

if done right looks as good as pro

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