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sounds way too much for a 1990 plate...

check this out..



those are both with full service history... :thumbsup:

get on the www.autotrader.co.uk and register with them.. as its free... and then search for a celica between 1k-2k and you will find better deals.. trust me... B)

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got him down to 1500, which i can afford if i dont go mad spending over the next few months, insurance is just less than the car! theres only rust on the sunroof and bit on the arches, its been sprayed over.

on a side note.. get £500 borrowed of an nice auntie.. and then buy my car.. :lol::rolleyes:

check the link out in my signature...

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thanx 4 the advice but surely getting one with a few months warrenty is better than risking a private sale???

i would take something with FSH over any 3 month warrenty...ANYDAY..

as im sure many of the other members here would... Garages can always make a car look nice.. with quick fixes to what could be a majour problem a few months later...+ the car has had a resprey... you ever asked yourself why?

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