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Clearance Procedure For Check Engine Light.


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Today my Camry's (1996 LE model with 5S-FE+auto box) check engine light came on. The cause of this was a misfire on cylinder 2 (thank goodness for Auto Zone's free OBD checks!). The car's plugs and wires are fairly new, and don't have any problems. Basically the car stumbled once while I was slowly idling around my college's parking lot in the cold Wisconsin morning.

I just need to know what the procedure to turn the light off is. Do I have to pull the Battery to drain the ECU, do I need turn the ignition on/off X number of times? etc.

The help is appreciated!

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Thanks guys :thumbsup: I'm just going to clear the code. If it happens again I'll look into this further.

There can't be too much wrong with the car. It runs like a champ and just recently passed what might possibly the world's toughest emissions test with flying colors.

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The light came on again yesterday(I wasn't driving it) I bet its a misfire again. It happened while it was idling. Again. I'm going to replace the plugs and wires today, since the wires appear to be of the 'Brand X' variety, and who knows about the plugs. (I've had experiences with crappy plugs and wires in my Nissan. ugh.) Any other ideas as to what it might be?

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judging by the way the car is acting, I've narrowed it down to 3 things:

1. plugs and wires

2. coil

3. a little gremlin riding in the engine bay pulling out my wires as I drive.

:ffs: effingham cars i tell ya....

EDIT: upon further inspection, I may have oil leaking in that plug hole, but might not. couldn't tell with my crap flashlight. the distributor cap is also the slightest bit loose on the bottom bolt. if I try to move it it moves the slightest bit on the bottom(top is tight) and makes a clicking noise.


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When you move the distrubitor you change the timing of the motor. If the timing is off enough it will miss. And as you say the nut was loose it may have moved on it's own.

Do you have a timing light? I would check the timing before I go too much further.

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It's taken care of. Tightening the distrubutor cap down and replacing the wireset did the trick.

Argh...I spent 70USD on Federal wires from Midwest Auto Supply...I could've ordered a set of Accels from PartsAmerica for a few bucks more. *curse*

At least its running great now.

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