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New Window Tint Legislation


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I know a good number of people here have tints (me included) so this should be of interest, very bad news for those of us with "light" tints.

During the early part of 2004, Section 32 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations will be amended to include "Window Tint Films", where such materials attached to the glass are capable of reducing the Visible Light Transmission of forward windows to below prescribed levels. These changes will be back-dated to become applicable from 1st January 2004.

This will effectively ban virtually all tinted films fitted to windows forward of the B-Post on any vehicle that is to be driven on UK roads.

The reason for these changes is the recent proliferation of vehicles that are excessively tinted. Some vehicles may be so heavily tinted that they present a real danger when used on public roads. The action being taken by the Government follows a fatality that occurred recently where a heavily tinted car was involved in a collision with a motorcycle and the window tints were held to blame due to the vision of the driver being impaired.

There is however, a recognised difference between "light window tints" which may be considered safe for road use and "excessively dark window tints" which are not.

There has also been a great deal of debate in recent years about the legitimacy of window tints that do not obscure the vision of the driver. A clear case has been argued that road-safe window tints do not actually conflict with existing regulations. The Department for Transport have argued however that Section 32 was always intended to cover materials attached to the glass, despite the fact that no mention of this is made in the Regulation itself.

The only solution remaining would be to amend the Legislation.

Consequently and in order to clarify the situation, the Government have finally decided to up-date the Regulations to specifically include Tinted Films since, in the view of the Police and the Department for Transport, this is the only way in which the problems of excessive tints can be remedied.

Unfortunately however, even tint films that may be considered to be safe for road use will now be viewed as in conflict with the Regulations, enabling the Police and Vehicle Inspectorate to take action against vehicle owners.

This has significant implications for the owners of vehicles that have window tints already fitted and also those that are responsible for installing or selling window tints.

Implications for the vehicle owner

After much discussion, a sympathetic Enforcement Policy has been agreed between the Department for Transport and The Glass and Glazing Federation to ensure that all vehicle owners that have had tints applied in the past may be dealt with fairly. This applies in particular where the infringement is with respect to tints that do not pose a significant threat to Road Safety, despite being in contravention with the amended Regulations.

In any event, after the date of the amendment to Section 32, the owner of a vehicle that has window tints applied forward of the B-Post could be challenged by either a Police Officer or by an Inspector from the Department for Transport's Vehicle Inspectorate, where their vehicle is noticed being driven on Public Roads.

Where such a vehicle is stopped and the window tints applied are such that the Visible Light Transmission level, when measured using an approved device falls to below prescribed levels, the following enforcement guidelines have been agreed with, and recommended, by the Government.

Above 30% Visible Light Transmission (Less Severe Window Tints)

The owner or driver of such a vehicle would be required to have the tinted film removed from the windows under the direction of either a Rectification Notice or a Delayed Prohibition Notice. A period of grace will apply for a limited number of days (normally ten) during which time the vehicle may be driven whilst the rectification work is to be completed.

In either case, the vehicle will need to be inspected by either a Police Officer or Vehicle Inspectorate Officer to confirm that the glass has been restored to a compliant condition. Prosecution is unlikely in such circumstances provided the vehicle owner complies fully.

Action that needs to be taken

All Businesses that have supplied window tints forward of the B-Post are being encouraged by the Government and the Glass and Glazing Federation to contact all of their previous customers to inform them of the changes to Legislation and to offer them a chance to have their vehicle rectified by having the front tints removed.

Zee (with tints)

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like steve i've got tints planned.

there's always a ****** that ruins it for hte rest of us, then again the accident prolly didnt have nowt to do w. the tins and some crummy official thought they could twist this case to use in their favour...

BTW did i meantion i don't like cyclists? cheeck little gits asking to get run over by lane switching, and going inbetween cars. :ffs:


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the bloke who did my windows told me about this when i took mine back to be repaired so hes pretty worried that hes gonna go out of business!

(jaxx - with tints)

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I'm sure if a new law comes out they cannot enforce it upon cars that were already IN then condition? i.e. old cars with no seatbelts don;t have to have them fitted.. etc etc..

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Rofl stupid stupid Labour. This mean occupants in goverment convoys will now be visible! Wahay bring on the snipers!

This is the most retarded thing to date...ok tints..ooh very naughty indeed makes you have accidents..ok...but errr shades anybody? When we wear shades whilst driving isnt it the same !Removed! effect duuuh? Actually its even more restrictive isnt it? Oh I cant wait for ***** tony to ban shades now.

Oh but its in the interest of public saftey lol ok lets ban manuals! Think about it if we all had autos we would have full control over steering wahay! Ban cars without ABS,airbags,impact bars or crumple zones, ban any movement that doesnt aid driving safely. I can envisage the day when you will receive an instant fine for scratchin yer bollards whilst driving.

My *** the stupidity will never end <_<

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i've had mine done for a while and to be honest i aint letting them take them away. i signed a piece of paper to say i knew they were illegal due to thae fact my windows were tinted from the factory. i was pulled and fined within a day, but if thats all its gonna be then i ont care how many times they do it.

this country is f :censor: ed anyway so this is just another piece of icing on the cake.


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errr can I ask why on earth the word G-O-D is censored? :blink: *** *** *** ***... :blink:

lol well I think...I think your a bluddy g-o-d I do! Grrr! :lol:

bless you my son :yes:

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  • 1 year later...

Well, 2 of my cars' tints have been taken off and a friends tints too. :angry:

fortunatly/unfortunatly i still have 2 other cars which have tints at the front windows... :P they've had them for a while now, and havent been stopped.

lets hope they dont see it... :thumbsup::lol:

What about limos? and the new mercs and BMWs are standardly fit with slightly tinted glass now init?

Big T

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oh well.. they cant take my sunglasses off can they!  :censor:

This happened to the Bikers years ago. Legislation came in that prevented the use of Black or Tinted visors on a crash helmet.

The whole argument is basically if you are travelling along with a black visor on and you,say, enter a tunnel.......you can't see Jack. This actually happened to me once and it was a bit unnerving.

Nothing they can do about Sunglasses though, as these can be easily removed should the situation arise.

It's just another layer of crap for the motorist to wade through.

There is a solution though.......LCD Glass !

The Mitsubishi Delica's use this technology on their skylights. It looks like normal glass, but at the push of a button it tints. That way you could never get caught by the police. :thumbsup:

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