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Roof Bars For The T-sport

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Don't think so... Want some myself! If you can, they'll prolly be expensive :(

Find the Bike carrier for the hatch to be crap! Lol.

Also - where'd you dissapear to? Not seen you post for ages :P

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Just been really busy unfortunatly.... Work, Uni & College all to contend with!!!

Hopefully i'll be around abit more since i've finsihed at college and its break at uni. Never mind my full time job, as i have to do my training in my own time! it eats away my free time but........... i'll savour it while i can!!!

I have seen on one of the accessories pages on toyata a Roof Rack for it but can't find them!!!

I have got to start transporting lengths of wood about, so the roof racks the only way to go........... it'll mess up the suede inside lol

If not i;ve got to get a !Removed! van lol

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The only other thing i can think of is some of them surfboard roof things and some ratchets throught the door!!! like the pipework insulation with straps through!!!

PS i also forgot my password :o lol

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Well went down to mr T today, and you can get a toyota Roof Rack for the t-sport.

its around 170 quid which is very steep. but i think Thule do one aswell, but you need the 777 kit or something!

I'll keep investigating

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Hey Dude,

There custom decals i has done from a guy on eBay. On one of my previous posts i've got the seller name if you wanted to give him an email...... can't remember off the top of my head i'm afraid mate!

there cut from carbon fibre effect vinyl, and onto the yellow its cool

as for the car i looks very similar from yours apart from the alloys, tints and lowering it lol.

its standard at present expect for wind deflectors, the calipers & thats about it. oh and TTE decals just above the side skirts near the rear, VVTL-I chrome badges below the repeaters and the L has been painted in the engine bay.

It also has the Toyota SAT NAV & Leather seats.

I want to do so much more to it, but at the min i haven't found the time and i also may have to invest in a van (keeping the t-sport aswell don't worry lol)

defo's want an induction kit, springs and tints.

Oh and some robbing bas###d robbed my valve caps lol, so much for anti left!!!

PS your cars looking mint, looks alot different since i was last on :D

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