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2zz Inside...

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Well, After seeing so many "Boost Inside" and "Zetec Inside" Stuff on eBay and the occasional one on a car somewhere, I decided...

I wanted a "2ZZ Inside" sticker! I was gunna get "Lift Inside" but decided against it.

I'd have just gotten some 'Boost Inside' stickers, but hey! I'm N/A! Not boosted!

Anyways, here's what it looks like on meh car.


And here's what they look like off the car!


As you can see, I have two sets left, though the chap I get them off can make as many as he wants, or whatever design that is requested.

These sell at £5 a set, which is cheaper than any you'll find on eBay, 'cos if you check they're only £1.50 each.. but £1.50 Delivery on top... How does it cost £1.50 to send a tiny piece of Vinyl?!??

Anyway... As I said, I have two sets left sat here on my desk, if anybody wants them.. £5! That includes P&P as I have my ways of posting... ;)

These are made out of high quality 7 year vinyl and SHOULDN'T! come off unless you make it come off.... I've been reasonbly close to this with a Jetwash and it's still stuck there.

If anybody wants some, let me know. If I sell these two sets before you get here! Just ask and I'll have some more made up for you.


K :thumbsup:

P.S - Incase you're trying to read my T-Shirt backwards, it says.. "What the DEUCE are you staring at?" Good ol' Stewie...

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you should get some a##e hole inside ones and randomly stick them on tyre r's

I am not generallising bye the way :o

2 bad runnings with them!!! trying to over take me on a blind bend, one on a country road when i had the familly in the car, was doing about 50 in a 60 and just tried to come on the inside of me, and luckly for him i saw the car and broke just in time for him to come back in!!! at least he had the guts to put his hand up!!! then he over cooked it into a bend about 1/2 mile later and ended up in the verge!!!!!

the other one thought he could go round the outside of me on again another blind bend, this time i was doing 60 out of 60 mph, and it was to late to break, otherwise he would have been stranded in the middle of the coner for a truck to eat him up, all i can say is lift is darned useful for getting out of the way of something :D


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Don't think there's any about...

Any good shop will make 'em up for you though!

If you can't find any just let me know, Sure I could get 'em made up for you.

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I'd have gone for Boost.. if I had boost, but I don't. :lol:

lonepilgram - I could but unsure whether it'd be worth it to be fair. My friend only likes to print in bulk to save waste on vinyl. If a few more people decide they want them for the engines in question I'll certaily ask him. :thumbsup:

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