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85 Corolla, Does Not Turn Over


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I have an 85 Corolla. I swapped the 1.6 for a 1.5l from a tercel. I tried to start the car for the first time and it cranked over fine, but I found that the carberator gasket to the intake was leaking. I had to push the car outside and it sat for about 2 weeks. I pushed it back into the garage, replaced the carb gaskets and tried to start it. Now, it does not crank over at all, and the starter does not make any noise at all. The Battery is fully charged, I cannot find any blown fuses, and the starter is getting constant power. When I turn the ignition to the "on" position, the idiot lights come on except for the check engine light does not. I believe I'm not getting power to the ECM, but I cannot find any disconnected wires or blown fuses. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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