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Which Mr2 Owners Live In Birmingham?!


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he people... anyone in the city with a MR2.. pref with experiance of a tubby version mind popping into the city centre tomorrow morning about 10/11am...

As i am going down to check a car out.. and it would be really nice and wicked to be able to get a current '2' owner to shed some light on the car..

I am taking a Toyota mechanic down with me as well.. but he wont know the little things specific to MR2's to look for..

I'll make it worth ya while and buy you a drink! :thumbsup:

cant say fairer than that... :P

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How about asking to take it for a spin on sunday and bringing it down on the southern meet .. :D


got 2 reasons for ya..

1 - I doubt that the guy will let me!

& more importantly...

2 - Im at the northern mini meet on Sunday... :P

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damn northerners ..  :thumbsup:

At least us northerner's know the way south :P

Last southern meet ended up with a 689 mile round trip for me :o

Would just like to see the same commitment from those that live a hell of a lot closer :thumbsup:

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well.. im settin off now.. probably take about an hour and a half to get there...

my number is 07973 233753 should anyone see this later who is in the area...Cheers :thumbsup:

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