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Check Engine Light

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My car has the check engine light on , and since any physical defect I see or hear, I believed that one of the two oxigen sensors is bad. So I changed both, reset the error (disconnect the battery) run the car several times and the check engine light will display again . What could be wrong? :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

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thanks for your reply:

My Paseo has 141k. At 60k and 120k I replaced the timing belt and seals. Right now is running fine. Soft starting like new. No abnormalities when the engine is idle.

I'm the first owner and I very proud of the service my Paseo brings me.

Any help will be fully appreciated

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mmm.... I never changed the spark plugs wires before....

Do you think that the ECM could be with problems?

Do you know if Toyota vehicles have a way to get the error codes without a scanner (ie as pontiac when the check engine blinks several times by shorting two points on the diagnosis tester connector)?

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