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Celica Gtr (import) Cam Belt Change


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I have been the Owner of a Celeica GTR for 2 years now and it is time to change the cam belt.(Done 35,00miles)

With all my maintainance for this car - I always buy spares from my local Toyata main dealer - And then I take the car to my local garage which has a good mechanic (he has a supra import - is also ex toyota main dealer) and he does the servicing etc at a much lower labour rate.(Also saves on time with the garage running around here and there for parts).

I have an MOT comming up in Mid Feb and want to change the cam belt. Do i need to buy items such as rocker cover gaskets or any new seals etc...

So far I have bought the cam belt £29.00 - but advice on any other new stuff would be advisable

Celica GTR - engine type 3sGE year 1990


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just read through - could be worth getting a tensioner pulley and guide pulley (idle pulley? - i think its the same thing yeah? i just use different names for things lol).

As for cam cover gaskets, only get them if the ones youv got have perished and are seeping oil out - but its your choice.


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