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Another Lowered Iq


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The Aygo looks excellent fun Paul, very nice :D

Would anyone at the sprint series complain if I put a Toyota badge on my Caterham ;)

There is a class X which you can enter in your Caterham if you like. I'm afraid you don't get to score points in the Toyota championship, but if you just fancy a race day then you are welcome B)


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Nice wheels, what is the width? Also what tyres do you have on?

Paul gives a good summation of handling and suspension mods, however I might be wary of fitting a rear anti roll bar to reduce understeer on the IQ if one is released. With such a short wheelbase you will have to have your wits about you if it starts to slide the rear end on lift off or trailbrake as it will go very quickly. It might be better, if not more boring, to just have understeer, at least then you will have confidence it won't bite so you can chuck it in and then sort it out.

On a similar note, how does it handbrake turn? That should give you an inkling of how it will react when the back end slides in normal conditions. The Aygo is poor, showing how understeery it is.



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I`m getting conflicting reports about lowering my IQ,i have been told by my local dealer that it will not make a noticable difference in the handeling.

My question is simple really.

Will i get rid of the role on cornering ?

Do i go 25 or 35 mm lower ?

Will i notice the difference ?

Or is it all, a boy racer thing ?

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Lowering WILL make a difference. In simple terms the lower a car is to the road the better the stance, I am sure people will put it better than me. Look at go-karts, F1 cars, supercars & Minis for instance, all sitting as close to the ground as possible. I went for 35mml drop & apart from scraping on speed bumps when I accidentally went too fast they are perfect, cornering miles better now. Nothing to do with boy racers, they are the silly ones who put 19" wheels on, drop it on the floor, stick 20kilos of stereo in the boot, remove the seat legs so they look like drive by ganstas & then wonder why the car handles like jelly! :clown:


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Mine are from H&R, which a few others on here now have. There is an importer over here but it works out nearly £200 where as eBay ones are about £125 all in but may have gone up a fiver or so for delivery. Obviously you want a name you know as in Spax, H&R, Eibach etc & not springbodge.co.uk. I called H&R a couple of times in Germany & looked at their website & had seen their name on a few race cars too. Toyota ones are 25mml & quite expensive if you have them fitted by them but obviously you wont invalidate your warranty for suspension like with aftermarket ones. Obviously keep your old ones though in case ever needed.....

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