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Tyre Question (again)

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When my Prius needed new tyres, I usually have them replaced by my Toyota dealer. However, now that I have moved into an area where the dealer is a fair distance away, I've been looking at using a mobile tyre service, and saw one called etyres. Does anyone have any experience of them?

One of my tyres has a slow puncture, so I need it replaced very shortly. The nearest Toyota dealer to me quoted £104.22

I was looking on the etyres website that they had available:


BRIDGESTONE - ER30 - £98.20

I guess my Prius has the non-RUNFLAT version. I'm not very knowledgable about tyres, so can someone help answer a few questions please?

- Should I get the RUN FLAT version?

- If so, is it okay to mix tyres?

- Is the normal ER30 tyre listed likely to be the same as those on my Prius? I know this sounds like a daft question, but on the rims of the tyres on my Prius, the type seems to be "ER30 UZ".

Any help appreciated!


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I did my research into this a few weeks ago when I needed a pair to be put on the rear. I decided that the Michelin Energy Saver was probably a better tyre, and I found an independent retailer whilst in Carlisle who supplied a pair for £160:80, balanced and fitted. I can't see why, if you shop around locally, you shouldn't find someone who can do the same for you. I found the big national companies and on-line suppliers were all well over £100 a tyre. The Prius doesn't need run-flats, those are for cars with no spare tyre, your car should have a space-saver spare.

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I have used etyres before, and found it to provide excellent service and a good price, it may not be the cheapest but since it's mobile you can get it done at home or the office car park, pretty convenient.

You should NEVER get run flat tyres unless your vehicle is designed for it, as the suspension would be designed specifically either for normal tyres or RFTs.

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