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Aux Drive Belt Question (gen 7)


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Hi All,

I have done a search and not found the answer i was looking for!

Is the aux drive belt on a 140 the same as on a 190??

I called Halfords about one as mine is squeaking and they said that they only have one listed for the 1796cc engine and nothing for the 1794cc engine after doing some research and using a bit of common sense, i figured that the higher cc engine is the 190.

Halfords have the 190 belt for £18 plus vat, Mr T. quoted me £35 plus vat!



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190 belt is longer than the 140 belt

190 requires a belt which is 1940mm long 6PK-1940

140 requires a belt which is 1885mm long 6PK-1885

6PK and the number is what you should give to your loacl motorfactors or wherever you go when you get a belt

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...also sorry to bump this years-old thread. My Celica is squealing when starting in the morning and especially after it's been raining. Noise goes away after a few minutes of driving. Spent a good few hours researching this on the internet and it seems it could be the serpentine belt. I need to check mine thoroughly tomorrow, but assuming I replace it, would this be compatible with my 140?


I've read that Gatorback are the quietest and best replacement and this is the only place I can seem to find it in the UK. The other closest sizes are 1880 and 1892.

Any other suggestions on places to get either a Gatorback or an 1885?

Thank you!

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For the price of the belts it desn't matter if you change them every two years, but a few millimeters longer or shorter won't make a difference as the pulley is self tensioning so will adjust itself accordingly.

I bought my belt from eBay last time as there were a lot to choose from ranging from £12 to over £20, and you seemed to get a few sizes in between.

Your choice but it will fit

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