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My Iq Project

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Thought I would start a brand new thread on the IQ as its getting regular updates at the moment!! I know you seen some of this stuff before but thought i would put it all in one big thread!

So first off, I picked it up on the 21st Feb 09


First exciting mod was some official car mats, got them cheaper on ebay from a dealer. No pics but its not that interesting!!

We then changed the orange bulbs

Front Before


Front After


Rear Before


Rear After


Then we got some new wheels. After umming and ahhing for ages about what set i wanted, i decided and scoured ebay. One set on there so started bidding and it turned into a bidding war but i had a top price in mind. Got outbid in the last 10 seconds :mad:

Started the order process through Kudos Automotive instead but then the seller emailed me and said the buyer hadn't contacted him or paid so would I like to pick them up that night! Of course I said yes, and Jas took me in his work van to go collect them from North London.

They are Rota Grids, 17 x 7.5 in Gold with Polished Lip. Some kerbing (to be expected when buying second hand) but i still think they look pretty schweet!



Popped to the Toyota i bought the car from and the dealership manager literally came running out to see them and said they looked awesome so im pretty chuffed with that as well!!

Got my private plate put on - S2 LXX


Got a parcel in the post from Germany..


H&R Lowering Springs 35mm drop front and rear from Germany via SRB Power


Some shots after, with comparison



Ordered some lightweight nuts and a new set of locking wheel nuts. Got a free mini wham bar from Driftworks with my order! :)


I then booked the car into the garage. Fitted stainless steel custom pipes, from the cat back. The IQ has 2 cats which finish near the front of the car, so we decided to start the system just after these.

We decided to not bother with the silencer (although they had ordered one in) because how loud can a 1.0, 3 cylinder be?!

It is rather loud! Sounds like my partners Skyline!! So its going back in for the silencer to be added and also just some tweaking of the placment of the rear backbox, it just needs another rubber. Took the car to the dealers again, and again they loved it! :D

Overall im very pleased with how the car is coming along...

Thanks for reading! And keep an out out for more updates!

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Overall im very pleased with how the car is coming along...As far as im aware, i have the only IQ in the UK with this amount of modification already! Unless someone else can prove me wrong?

Hmmmm not too sure about that, glad you managed to find the same springs as I got a few months ago. :thumbsup: Enjoy the car in this lovely weather.


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Ok as far as i know i have the most modified privately owned IQ in the UK unless anyone else can prove me wrong..happy now?!

Yeh i did find out where to get the springs, on my own, as you seemed to want to withhold the information but now your giving it out freely saying they are on ebay, once i told people where i got mine from.

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For the simple reason I like to be individual & wanted to modify my little iQ with stuff I found myself from trawling internet & contacts from my early days at Ripspeed/R-Tec. Nothing wrong with being exclusive for a while is there?

I was never in competition with anyone as had done most of it apart from the wheels as really fussy & they need to be right as my colour car is a bit harder to match alloys too. I had done the numberplates/bulbs/tints/lowering/filter etc as & when money allowed. Going to see if a one off header tank can be made, looking at it Saturday. This was the last one they made for me at Bailey Motorsport


Careful with your plates Sally as they are illegally spaced & the fine has just jumped from £30 to £60!

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Thought I should update this!

Another package arrived!

Inside was this


Which had this inside


And this


From these guys







I also had to get a new custom exhaust as the old one was done by a very bad garage, but now it is all sorted!

I put my car on a Rolling Road Dyno on Saturday the 10th April, with my induction kit and stainless steel exhaust mods. The standard BHP is 67bhp and I got 75.3bhp which im very pleased with.

I also took part in Round 2 of an event called Toyota Sprint Series which was great fun, but need some tweaks if I decide to do another round. On the lookout for some track wheels now! I have lots of pics on my Facebook profile, just find me and add me : Sally Ingold, I think im the only one on there! And my IQ is my display pic.

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I have a couple of questions SallyiQ on reading a viewing all your mods. Great pics by the way. They are:

1. How much extra does your insurance cost as a result of all of the modifications you've made? Is it an extra increase for each mod, or just an additional premium for any modification from the original which covers the blanket of changes?

2. In respect of the lowering springs, does this make the ride alot bumpier and restrict the turning circle? I find the ride in the iQ medium firmness and certainly wouldn't want to make it any harder than it is already, you then end up staring at the road dodging all the pot holes (of which there are hundreds at he moment) and not actually enjoying the drive. One of the reasons I bought the iQ was for it's amazing turning circle and certianly wouldn't want to hamper that in any way!


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what a waste of money go faster stripes next? if you wanted a racing car you should have bought one, not a iq.

Positive input, nice one mate. Some people just decide on a car they like and modify it a bit to make it personal and stand out from the crowd.

Do you think it looks like a racing car with those mods?

Car looks awesome Sally.

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Just been looking at some photos on the TSS website. Your car looks ace. Loving the rising sun filler flap :D .

Great "race face" too. Serious concentration!

Did folding back the mirrors give you the enhanced performance needed to set a good time :D

Good on you. And I hope you do well in your next round

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Another unconstrctive comment made. If you don't like it then don't bother looking at it. :rolleyes:

Project is coming along very well by the looks of things. Nice work so far and the Blitz looks awesome in your bay.

Keep it up and keep us posted! :thumbsup:

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Another unconstrctive comment made. If you don't like it then don't bother looking at it. :rolleyes:

Project is coming along very well by the looks of things. Nice work so far and the Blitz looks awesome in your bay.

Keep it up and keep us posted! :thumbsup:

Do you refer to my post or to macabeus ?

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No edit... but maybe did I wrote some way that doesn't express exactly what I wanted to say... I'm french and not bilingual...

I just meant that i know someone that had this problem and she should be aware of this possibility !

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