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Owner: Me

Age: 19

NCB: 2 Years

Convictions: None

Other drivers: Both Parents

Year of Aygo: 2010


Colour: Cayman Blue

Gearbox: Manual

Location: (Royal ;) ) Leamington Spa

Garaged or drive: Drive, despite road being the cheapest option

Insurance Company: Elephant

10 or 12 month policy: 12

Total cost: £666 with a £500 voluntary excess plus £250 compulsory excess. Not planning on crashing though.

Type of cover: Fully Comp

Modifications: None

Value of Mods covered: £1250 of stereo equipment

Claim experience: 1 windscreen, no claims not lost

Any general comments: Insurance includes legal cover (£100,000), guaranteed courtesy car and 90 days of insurance for driving in Europe.

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Well here we are 12 months later,no major saving this year ....


Owner: Luci

Age: 20

NCB: 3 years

Convictions: None

Other drivers: mum & dad

Year of Aygo: 2006


Colour: grey

Gearbox: MMT

Location: Bromley BR7

Garaged or drive: Drive

Insurance Company: Diamond

10 or 12 month policy:12

Total cost: £632.03 total excess £500 !

Type of cover:Fully comp

Modifications: None

Value of Mods covered: n/a

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Hello all,

Now, then my insurance runs out on 28th December this year. As we all know, the EU Gender Law change comes into force on the 21st December (I believe?). Any tips on the best way for me to be able to not get massively screwed over by the insurance companies?!

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Get some quotes now? Most are usually valid for 30 days. Of course they might have already "adjusted" to account for that eventuallity!

My insurance (male) is due 7th Jan. next year and I do exactly that about three weeks prior to renewal date. Whether true or not, I did once read that insurers amend, usually up, their prices in January.

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