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It's Been A While....


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doooood. long time no hear from ya.

hope all is good with you.

all the best in the new job :thumbsup:

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cheers dudes! :D

Who's all still here? Anyone I know ? :)

Hi Jim.... you will not know me, in fact no one knows me.... well no one owns up to knowing me :crybaby: ;)

Maybe there's a reason for that.... :P :P


Yes my young Toyota student.... I know what the reasons are and I'm not telling :lol: :lol:

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I remember you.. and all your antics, and car swapping.. and randomness.

But I'm certain you won't remember me as I don't think I ever spoke to you. :lol:

STeve.. Is it 'cos you liked sliding on poles with other men? ;)

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